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QHT Performance

Naturally balance your body's energy levels without
drugs. Energetically charged Hologram to balance
your body energetically. Hologram works non-invasively
by stimulating the body's energy fields. Double Blind
Placebo tests completed at a major university.
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QHT Sleep

Provide a restful sleep so you can awaken refreshed
and vital. Reduce or eliminate annoying respiratory
sounds when sleeping. Discs work non-invasively by
stimulating the body's electromagnetic field. Double
blind placebo test completed and published.
Improve your health and immunity
by the experience of an enhanced deep sleep
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QHT Relief

Provides immediate relief to all parts of the body
by helping the body balance blockages in the acupuncture meridians.
Relief from minor discomfort associated with blisters,
lacerations and other minor injuries
Experience immediate relief
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QHT Sinus Allergy

Relieve the symptoms and effects of drainage, colds,
eye watering, and the flu. Discs work non-invasively
(No Drugs) by stimulating the body's energetic field
Double blind placebo test completed and published.
Naturally reduce the effects of allergies and colds.
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QHT Cell Phone Defense

Helps protect your body from the EMF Radiation from
cell phones. Does not eliminate cell phone EMF
Radiation, but influences how your body reacts to it
Hologram works non-invasively by stimulating
the body's energy fields
Protect your body from EMF Radiations.

We redefine energy wellness with our unique products and create an amazing

experience for people all around the world. We can help you live a healthy

and wealthy life.

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